Start Your Podcast Right!

Chris Spangle has launched dozens of podcasts and he has written the 18 questions that everyone needs to answer before launching a podcast in order to help you get started cheaper and with fewer mistakes.

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    "From strategy to promotion, production to editing, and everything in between, Chris knows it all. If you’re looking for a consultant who can help you through every phase of a podcast, call Chris. Each time I’ve worked with him he has surpassed my expectations"

    Kelly Young

    The Badassery Life Podcast

    What you get:

    This four page PDF outlines the different stages of starting a podcast, what details you need to think about before getting started, and then gives you a check list as you get started.

    Everyone Has A Thing They're Nerdy About.

    The thing your spouse is tired of hearing about — the thing your parents don't understand. In our heads, we tell ourselves that if the world knew about this interest, we might get judged.

    That's the thing you should podcast about. Once you do, like-minded people will gather around, and a community will be built that will change your life. It happened to me, and I want to help you have the same life-enriching experience of starting a podcast.

    Starting a podcast can be a big commitment, and Podcasting and Platforms exists to make your launch quicker and stress-free. That's why I've written, "The 18 Questions Everyone Needs to Answer Before Launching a Podcast." It will save you hours of mistakes (and dollars) by helping you launch well!