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Everyone has a thing they're nerdy about.

The thing your spouse is tired of hearing about — the thing your parents don't understand. In our heads, we tell ourselves that if the world knew about this interest, we might get judged. That's the thing you should podcast about.

 Once you do, like-minded people will gather around, and a community will be built that will change your life. It happened to me, and I want to help you have the same life-enriching experience of starting a podcast. Starting a podcast can be a big commitment, and Podcasting and Platforms exists to make your launch quicker and stress-free. 

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Podcasts enrich your life and change businesses and communities.

Here is how we can help you.

Why you should start a podcast.

Podcasting changed my life. It's how I met my wife. It's where I've met my best friends. It has given me a 20 year career in media where I've worked with my heroes and met tons of famous people. It allowed me to share my values with millions of people. I think hosting a podcast can enrich the lives of anyone, and I want to help you have the same experience. 

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I loved my internship as a college student at a talk radio station, and I've been fortunate to have more than 30 interns in my career. I love being shadowed by people eager to learn the tools and tricks of a trade so they can apply it to their own success. Sit side-by-side with me as I build the P&P brand and show you the inside story of how to build your own media brand.

Recommended Tools

Check out the services I love and rely on to operate my podcast networks. From podcast hosting to graphic designers to tools that will save you hours, I've collected everything I recommend when building a great podcast.

Get Coaching

Do you have a specific problem you need solved for your podcasting brand? Schedule a FREE 15 minute coaching call and let's talk about your problem and find a solution while seeing if on-going coaching is right for you.

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They Say

Kelly Young

"Chris Spangle is incredibly smart, strategic, and creative when it comes to producing and creating podcasts. He has a deep knowledge about podcasts and has a passion for sharing his expertise with others.

From strategy to promotion, production to editing, and everything in between, Chris knows it all. If you’re looking for a consultant who can help you through every phase of a podcast, call Chris. Each time I’ve worked with him he has surpassed my expectations"

Brian Nichols

"Over 4 years ago, I started off looking to turn a successful writing career into a professional podcasting medium. I had a basic understanding of what needed to be done, I didn't have any fundamental understanding of how to actually accomplish it.

Chris Spangle not only helped me set up my podcast platform, but literally helped me from beginning to end in terms of preparing artwork, hosting platforms, audio editing suggestions, and more. Since then, I've been able to build a podcast averaging around 20,000 downloads per month and I know that none of it would have been possible without support and guidance of Chris."

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